About us

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The Business Support Centre Leeds was established in 2006/7 as an outcome of a project which aimed to reduce back-office overheads and streamline support service arrangements within Leeds City Council. 
The project brought together HR and Finance professionals into a shared service centre to standardise and improve business processes whilst continuing to reduce costs.  The creation of the Business Support Centre has been an outstanding success; enabling us to make improvements in the way we operate whilst allowing us to keep our costs low for our customers.
In partnership with Leeds City Council we are proud to provide employment and financial services to 230 schools, academies and trusts, theatres, training agencies and independent small businesses throughout West Yorkshire.
Our partnership with local government affords us financial stability which means we will always be here for you; and through economies of scale, we have the ability to offer real world competitive pricing for all our customers across our range of services.
We aim to achieve the optimum balance of cost and quality, with a clear focus on supporting business and customer satisfaction - and our recent customer survey result of 98.9% tells us that we are doing just that!​​​​​